Omar Al-Yasin

Managing Partner

Behold “The Deadline Killer!”

Of all the things you could say about Boss Man at The Creative Union, that in a nutshell describes him perfectly, which ironically is in direct contrast with his charming, always bubbly, compassionate nature.

Omar Al-Yasin’s reputation in the industry precedes him: with a Bachelor’ degree in Marketing Management, he has over a decade of experience in the Middle East and North Africa region, with a portfolio that includes over 300 projects. After acquiring a deep understanding of hospitality, and digital and brand strategy development in the public and private sectors, and eager to take his passion for the field to the next level, Omar hand selected experts to establish The Creative Union, and today runs the agency with the same sense of pride and tremendous work ethic that over the years allowed him to climb up the corporate ladder.

But if you think he’s resting on his laurels, you’d be incorrect. Omar loves a good challenge, creating the impossible where others have declared defeat, and he’s always on the lookout for new ideas, inspiring that same curiosity and wonder in his team at every turn.

He might be headstrong, but he’s always in a good mood, so unless you’re a looming deadline, you have nothing to worry about!

Stefanos Efstathiou

Creative Director

If anyone sets the creative tone at an agency, it’s the Creative Director. At The Creative Union, Stefanos Efstathiou is a true trailblazer: always finding design solutions that transmit the personality and values of a brand or event, mindful of trying to push the boundaries of creativity and offering new approaches to the brief where possible, and continuously and passionately creating and executing ideas that raise the clients and the agency’s creative profile.

A workaholic and perfectionist, with a critical eye, you might think Stefanos would be difficult to work with. Nothing could be further than the truth! His team members describe him as fun and inspirational, and judging by the laughter that bursts out of their section of the agency, that seems to be spot-on.

A word of warning, though: the London born and bred Creative Director tends to be obsessed (correction: very obsessed) with Adidas Gazelles, and you might have to try the latest tea he’s discovered (he’s kinda obsessed with that too). But, really, other than finding yourself debating the merits of all shoes vs. his Gazelles while drinking tea with a pinky sticking out, Stefanos is just a well-rounded, run-of-the-mill chap (fierce talent and inspirational character aside, of course!).

Naoum Al Rami

Director of Operations

Naoum Al Rami graduated with a Business Administration Degree from Dijon in France (yeap a French degree). Before joining The Creative Union to be part of a its multi cultural genius team, his career path spanned continents, and he gained valuable experience in various positions with stints at a number of renowned agencies, including Publicis in France, Saatchi & Saatch, Young & Rubicam, McCann Erickson, as well as FITCH and William Martin Productions in Qatar.

As our highly experienced and energetic Director of Operations, Naoum does more than just communicate with our creative team to make clients’ dreams come true. He also happens to be extremely effective at making colleagues laugh. His wicked sense of humor is only surpassed by his love for – brace yourselves – FOOD. Yup, throughout the day, Naoum always proposing culinary ideas, and we’re not complaining, except for the few extra kilos we gained since he joined and he has barely gained any! If anything, that sense a good “taste” means Naoum conducts his business as smoothly as he indulge a meal; wins all around!

Vasso Chalioti

Account Manager

Before joining the dynamic and inspiring start-up The Creative Union, Vasso Chalioti was Marketing Manager at Medical Anti-Aging Center, one of Greece’s largest dermatological clinics, and later served as Editor-in-Chief for Greece’s largest medical publishing house. She was also a designated Account Manager in (WRG live) in Doha for The Supreme Council of Health. Today, she continues in her role of Account Manager for the Ministry of Public Health, but also deals with more clients and different marketing and branding projects.

With an MBA focusing on business and organizational management, Vasso brings keen and focused business skills to the table… and if you’re lucky, maybe even a frappe! As our resident coffee connoisseur, Vasso has elevated the brewtastic levels at the office, and now we’re all hooked even our visitors. When she’s not busy slaying the many daily challenges she faces at work, you can catch Vasso, frappe in hand, having a quick laugh with colleagues. We encourage you to join in; the Lady is the queen of social land!

Christian Nseir

Senior Designer

With over a decade of experience playing with colors, type and image, with a focus on print, screen and environmental design, Christian Nseir today fills the role of Senior Designer at The Creative Union. His knowledge of creative strategy, brand building and visual communication have aided him in his quest to help local brands build stronger credibility.

When he’s not on the phone, Christian weaves stories as deftly as Scheherazade and 1001 nights, and more often than not, he’s got a transfixed audience hanging on to every word. What can we say, the guy knows his way around a good tale.

Dedicated, cheerful, polite, Christian is also the quintessential artist. He sees the world in colors, images and ideas you cannot fathom, but stick around and he’ll share his experience with you!

Rana Cheikha

Senior Designer

With a degree in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut, Rana Cheikha’s work experience started in Qatar where she worked as a designer for several multinational agencies and a local start-up. After receiving her Masters in Fashion Footwear and Accessory Design from Polimoda, Italy, she participated in the development of the first Qatari luxury brand. Today, she is Senior Designer at The Creative Union, putting her valuable skills to work on a number of projects for some of our most illustrious clients.

Thoughtful, organized, and with a sharp attention to details, Rana is what you’d call a perfectionist. But just as importantly, Rana supplies something no other colleague can: a fresh batch of cookies for everyone, constantly! Our waistbands might not be thanking her, but in every other aspect, we are grateful to have such a talented force on board.

The best part? Personalized. Footwear.

Now excuse us, we need to finish our shoe fitting session.

Dana El Halabi

Brand Strategist

After pursuing her Master’s degree in Design Management at IED Barcelona, and participating in several workshops, such as the innovation workshop at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) in Switzerland, Dana plays a key role as Strategy Planner at The Creative Union, handling both client requirements and the design studio in stride. A dedicated and passionate worker, she lives and breathes strategy and research, all resulting in a brilliant work ethic and outcome.

Dana is a creative and strategic thinker with extensive knowledge and expertise in both branding, strategy and design management, but her interests aren’t confined to the abstract or the inanimate. Meet Dana and she will want to know everything about you… and a word to the wise, she usually manages to do so very easily! Your aspirations, your goals, your dreams, Dana will wiggle them out of you with a charming smile and an attentive ear. To put it bluntly, you’re an open book to her and resistance is futile. You might be able to distract her with classical music or opera, both weaknesses of hers, but we think she’s too smart to fall for it. Good luck!

Jemish Faizani

Production Manager

Who gets a BA in Arabic Language? Jemish Faizani does, that’s who, and he has a Masters in the same subject, just for good measures. Intimidated yet? Wait, there’s more: he’s also a whizz in four other languages, both written and spoken. No, that’s not a typo.

Jemish’s career path is as impressive: over 8 years working in the GCC at several agencies, he has built a strong background in print, production and graphic design.

As Production Manager at The Creative Union, Jemish brings with him a wealth of experience, with a unique understanding of the full production process.

To find Jemish, just follow the bright light and it’ll lead you straight to his big smile. And if you ever need help, he’s the first on hand, a true soldier, loyal to his very core.

Just don’t get on his bad side, because he’ll call you out on it in 5 different languages, and to be perfectly frank, that’s terrifying.

Emily fischer

Office Manager

Emily Fischer exemplifies what a true Office Manager should be: very organized, extremely welcoming and generous, and most importantly, on top of things at the office. She keeps The Creative Union on track, making sure everything is running smoothly, and its a real joy to have her around. Colleagues and visitors alike look forward to her big smile on arrival, and it’s the last thing they see before leaving our offices; in our opinion, that smile is the perfect start and end to every day!

Mohammed Kannoth


Mohammed is our trusted accountant, always on top of anything financially related to our company. As well as facts and figures, Mohammed has a keen interest in design, fitting in well with our team at The Creative Union.

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