Beat box


A new spot for adrenaline-lovers is about to explode! First of its kind in Qatar, this club-inspired boxing fitness boutique studio is coming in strong. High-intensity boxing fueled by high-energy music is what the studio’s vibe is all about. Beat Box’s aim is to get you fit and focused, pushing you to reach your ultimate fitness goals. Our challenge was to create a brand and interior space that reflects the intensity of the studio.

We crafted a very sharp, edgy and high impact brand that reflects the energy and dynamism at Beat Box. A powerful colour palette of black and yellow was used, supporting a very bold and edgy brand mark. The diagonal lines cutting through the typography is inspired by the sound of boxing gloves against the bags. With an equally powerful interior space that aligns with the brand identity, Beat Box will surely be an absolute knock-out destination for you to release and regain energy. Are you ready?
Branding / Interior Design

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