House of Jade


House of Jade is a holding company that focuses on refined personal wellbeing and a holistic approach to conscious living. The identity is encompassing of all things relevant to wellness; including yoga, fitness, healthy living, healthy eating and nature. The brand needed to be subtle enough in order not to overshadow its brands, yet bold enough to reflect that it is a holding company.

Our approach was to mold a brand using earthy, warm and neutral tones, which rooted to represent existing and future brands that are enclosed within. The brand identity was inspired by a mandala, with a focus on all things that are made up of ‘3’, it symbolizes the interconnected dimensions of the physical, mental and social well-being that we need for a truly holistic life, representing all aspects in a unique way. The photography style used is very neutral and calming, and along with the clear space it plays an important role in the emotional side of the brand.
Brand Strategy / Branding / Print

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