Niya yoga


Niya Yoga is the first yoga studio and holistic healing centre to of opened its doors in Qatar. Niya Yoga has a studio that is inviting, warm and earthy, where everyone is welcome as they are and invited to explore their own intention ‘niya’ and the power of yoga. It’s the kind of enchanting place that makes you fall in love, more and more each time you go. The client had an established logo and asked us to create a brand language to surround and support the identity.

After visiting the yoga studio and discussing in-depth with the client, to truly embody the yoga vibe, we tailor-made a brand that was authentic to the space. Drawing inspiration from a particular painting in the studio, the brand language was created. We developed a number of deliverables using earthy, raw and organic materials, that are sublime both in tone and colour. We also chose silhouette photography that embodies the calming, peaceful and relatable vibe of the studio and most importantly, your inward focus on oneself. Namaste.
Branding / Signage / Packaging / Website Design and Development

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