Qatar Museums – Imperial threads exhibition


Imperial Threads is a Qatar Museums exhibition that took place at the Museum of Islamic Art, in the Special Exhibition Gallery. The exhibition focused on the exchange of artistic and material cultures between the three most powerful and artistically productive Empires in the history of the Islamic world; Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals. Showcasing everything from carpets to manuscripts to ceramics and jewellery. Our challenge was to engage a diverse audience from across many segments of Qatar’s population through a powerful and widespread campaign.

We looked at the items that would be showcased at the exhibition in depth and focused on the design details from the carpets, vases and other artefacts. We redrew these distinct design details from the three Empires and created a map that was inspired by old manuscript maps. Throughout the campaign, we combined the elements from each of the Empires to showcase the movement and influence they had on each other.
Branding / Digital Promotional Campaign / Advertising Campaign

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